For the season of life my husband and I are in right now, date nights are few and far between, and we can go a couple days without really seeing each other or being able to talk face to face. Once you add kids into the mix, a lot of priorities change. The time you once had for regular dates and time together gets reduced. So we have had to find more creative ways to “check in” with each other, and to make an effort to nurture our marriage when we rarely have alone time. Here are three of my favorite ways to show your partner that you’re thinking of them.

Letters or Notes

I know what you are thinking: a written love letter, really? It might seem old school, but this can be a simple and special way to show your partner you have been thinking of them. Write down a few of the things you love about them, things that they’ve done that you’ve noticed that week, a fun memory, or just stick a few Post-It notes here or there saying “thank you” or “love you”. I think that written letters and notes show a little more effort than a text message.

Small Gifts

I love when someone shows me how much I am loved with thoughtful gestures, like receiving flowers, chocolates, or my favorite drink. A spontaneous, unexpected gift is so romantic to me. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Sometimes just grabbing my husband’s favorite gum and leaving it by his keys is a exciting and meaningful, because its all about the gesture, not the item! It’s things like this that show your partner that you thought about them during the day and took some time to make them feel remembered!

Serving One Another

When we seem to be passing ships, there is one thing that is consistent, and that is there is always a chore that could be done. My husband has always been really good at this. He will do dishes after I go to bed when he gets home, or takes the garbage’s out really early in the morning.

Feeling loved is so important, and showing love to your partner is equally important. Working on our relationship and thinking about what the other may need or what makes them happy keeps it healthy and functioning. One important thing you can do is know how you receive and offer love, you can learn the languages of love. Learning the ways that will make my husband the most happy, took the guessing out of it and made it so I can hone in on those things and focus on them.