The best attorneys not only know how to interpret the law, they know how to be assertive on their client’s behalf to deliver desired results time and time again. And whether that means dealing with divorce, helping plan an estate for loved ones, seeking rightful compensation or any other series of legal needs, having someone you can trust to put your best interest first is critical. That’s why we reached out to the leading attorneys and law firms in the Greater Orlando region as well as our readers to nominate the professionals they feel answer the call.  


Administrative Law 

Jonathan Hoffman | Maitland 

Bankruptcy and Credit-Debtor Rights Law 

Anne-Marie Bowen | Orlando 

Stephen Caplan | Orlando

Liz McCausland | Orlando

Business Law 

Blair Jackson | Orlando 

Nishad Khan | Orlando

Christopher Turner | Orlando 

Chase Zortman | Altamonte Springs 

Business Litigation

Reed Bloodworth | Orlando

Tom Dolney | Orlando 

Eric LaRue | Winter Park 

Charitable Organization Law 

Audrey K. Chisholm | Orlando

Brian A. Watson | Orlando 

Commercial and Civil Litigation 

Matt M. Firestone | Orlando

Richards H. Ford | Orlando

Keith J. Hesse | Orlando

Catherine Losey | Orlando 

Mary Sherris | Orlando

Computer/Internet Law

Adam Losey | Orlando 

Drew Sorrell | Orlando 

Construction Law 

Michael R. Gibbons | Orlando 

Michael A. Sasso | Winter Park 

Jayson Zortman | Altamonte Springs 

Corporate Law 

Jason A. Davis | Orlando

Daniel B. Harris | Orlando

Stephen R. Looney | Orlando 

Jeremy S. Sloane | Orlando 

Criminal Defense Law 

Brice Aikens | Orlando

Amanda Kazzi | Celebration

Amir Ladan |The Ladan Law Firm, P.A. | Orlando 

(407) 657-1555 |

Warren Lindsey | Winter Park

Charity Tonelli | Tonelli Law | Orlando 

(407) 900-5805 |

Bill Umansky | Orlando

David A. Webster | Longwood 

DUI/DWI Traffic Law 

Kendell K. Ali | Orlando 

Stuart I. Hyman | Orlando

Joel Leppard | Orlando 

Elder Law 

Geoff Hoatson | Orlando

Pamela G. Martini | Law Office of Pamela G. Martini | Orlando 

(407) 955-4955 |

Bonnie Rhoden | Rockledge

Shawn R.H. Smith | Orlando

Environmental Law 

Johnathan P. Huels | Orlando

Anna H. Long | Orlando 

Estate Planning/Asset Protection Law 

Maytel Sorondo Bonham | Orlando 

Julia Frey | Orlando

Brian M. Malec | Orlando 

Diane B. McWhirter | Law Office of Diane B. McWhirter | Winter Park

(407) 622-5222 |

Gregory W. Meier | Orlando

Don Morrell | Kendrick Law Group | Maitland 

(407) 641-5847 |

Lori A. Pieper | Miller Johnson Law | Maitland 

(407) 478-7950 |