Sometimes you need a little luck.

Park ranger Roy Sullivan had a lot of it. In fact, he holds the dubious honor by the Guinness World Records of having survived more lightning strikes than anyone.

Seven to be exact, between 1942 and 1977.

In one incident, Sullivan was driving along a mountain pass when a bolt of lightning struck trees on opposite sides of the road from each other. After hitting the first tree, the lightning passed through Sullivan’s open windows and struck the other one. Sullivan wasn’t hurt. Except for his eyebrows, which were scorched off his forehead.

Sullivan might have been hit by lightning an eighth time were it not for his wife. He was helping her hang laundry on their clothesline when she was struck instead of him. Fortunately, Mrs. Sullivan proved to be as lightning-proof as her husband. She survived.

Some people call moments like that luck. Others call them coincidence, fate, or destiny. I consider them God’s grace. But whatever label we choose, we’re wise to recognize that, whether we’re building a career, building a marriage, or building a life, hard work and dedication are necessary, but our efforts will only get us so far. For everything else? Call it luck or call it God’s grace … we all need a little.

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