For over a century, no single organization has been more clearly associated with abortion than Planned Parenthood. Since its founding in 1916, Margaret Sanger’s racist-inspired group has been responsible for tens of millions of deaths. 

Lately, though, another entity has emerged as a leading promoter and source of abortion: 

Big Pharma. 

Due to their easy accessibility, abortion pills are rising rapidly in popularity. Now available by mail, it’s also providing women with a nearly anonymous and stigma-free method to do what previously was only available with a trip to Planned Parenthood or another local abortion clinic. 

Numerous websites have been popping up, promoting access and providing information on “medication abortions,” touting them as “safe” and “easy.” They brag that while some places require a prescription, others do not.  

Mail order abortifacients go by the term “Plan C” and are either a combination of the drugs Mifepristone and Misoprostol or just Misoprostol taken alone. It’s called “self-managed abortion” – a term that tragically belies the reality that abortion always involves more than one person. 

It would seem this attempt to normalize the death of pre-born children is very clearly the next major hurdle in our quest to protect and save life. In fact, as Americans grow increasingly uncomfortable with abortion on-demand, and the Supreme Court appears poised to allow states the right to restrict the tragic act, we will surely see activists championing the increased use of pharmaceuticals to terminate pregnancies. 

In fact, one website has even popped up called “The Pill Club,” a company that proclaims: 

We are on a mission to make healthcare more accessible by building digital primary care that closes gender, socioeconomic, and racial gaps in our current health system. We are the easiest way for women to address their sexual health and overall wellness, regardless of where they live or if they’re covered by health insurance – making us an affordable, accessible telehealth provider. 

Abortion is not healthcare – it’s the taking of innocent life. It’s not “safe.” Studies have shown that “chemical abortions” are four times riskier for a woman than surgical ones, often causing severe side effects. If these individuals were truly committed to assisting a woman’s “overall wellness,” they would be earnest in finding ways to support them in carrying their babies to term and either help them parent or make an adoption plan.  

Children are not a burden, nor a disease to eradicate with the taking of toxic medicine. 

Fortunately, unlike women who undergo surgical abortions, it can be possible to reverse a chemical abortion. The My Choice Network and the Abortion Pill Reversal website are excellent resources we would strongly recommend. 

Please join me in praying for women who find themselves in vulnerable positions. Regardless how difficult or challenging their circumstances may appear to be, life is always the best choice. 

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