I always looked forward to being a mother. When it was time to bring my daughter home from the hospital, I walked in the door with an overwhelming feeling of change. Everything felt so different. And I quickly became saddened by my new life (or this loss of my old life). In those first few days, I struggled with immense pain from postpartum healing as well as breastfeeding difficulties that made it hard for me to enjoy my newborn. These moments of frustration, pain, and anxiety in the hours and days after birth can cause you to mourn your past life, and may even lead to resentment. But it doesn’t have to. Despite the challenges that come with the newborn stage, there is also indescribable love and immeasurable joy. One way to increase these feelings is through bonding. If you’re struggling to feel connected to your newborn like I was, here are some things you can try!

Bonding in Pregnancy

Although I didn’t realize it, I was able to lay the foundation for bonding with my newborn during pregnancy. If you’re still pregnant, start the process now by talking and reading to your belly, putting your