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College Shopping Guide: 6 Steps to Simplify Your Dorm Shopping Trip

Dorm shopping requires much more planning than any previous back-to-school shopping trip that’s ever come before. We’ve been down the dorm shopping road with our own five

Mom, Did We Pack a Flash Drive? 7 Surprising Items to Add to the College Packing List

My son and I googled numerous suggested college packing lists. This was my second child so I was confident that I knew what to do this time around….

50 Things You Might Not Have Remembered for Your Dorm Room

We are going to assume you are set with things like sheets, towels, a laptop, and hangers but here are a few others you might want to consider….

Dorm Room Essentials List: 12 Things Every Freshman Needs for College

The good news is your teen is GOING to college. The bad news is your teen is LEAVING for college. There may be a long list of things…

How to Pack for College: 10 Tips For Your Freshman [Photos]

With a summer of planning, shopping, and endless list-making ahead—there is no reason why your soon-to-be college first-year student can’t tackle the work! I admit that as we…

10 Commandments of Dorm Shopping

Outfitting a dorm room might be just one more shopping trip if it weren’t so imbued with expense, confusion, and nostalgia. It’s easy to get it wrong and…

College Shopping List: 20 Dos And Don’ts That Will Make You Smile

Yesterday I checked another big life event off the list. Something that you hear about other people doing but don’t really think about doing yourself until you are…

What NOT to Buy: Don’t Waste Money on These 17 Frivolous Dorm Ideas

About a month before my daughter left for college we spent a fun day shopping together for items for her dorm room. And by fun I mean expensive….

Yes! You Can Sidestep Power Struggles And Sibling Rivalry With Special Time Even In A Large Family. Here’s How…

When I learned about

Parent Club Weekly Email 5/9/2022: Making a Connection Plan

 YOUR VIDEO:  Build Connection into your Daily Routine using ALL the Tools We make a plan for meals, laundry, Dr. appointments…  When we PLAN for connection, daily routines…