Although grandparenting is still a few years off for Jean and me, we’re both looking forward to the unexpected laughs that grandchildren bring.

Like the tea party one six-year-old held for her grandmother. After escorting grandma into the living room and offering her a seat at a table set up with a plastic tea set and snacks, they sipped their “tea” (which was actually just water) and laughed together for a half hour.

When the teapot was empty, the granddaughter announced that she was going for a refill. But when she didn’t head toward the kitchen, grandma wondered, “How is she filling the pot?” She followed her granddaughter and was shocked to discover her in the bathroom scooping water out of the toilet bowl.

Not only am I looking forward to laughter-filled moments like that, but I’m also thinking about the kind of grandfather I hope to be and praying about how God might want to use me as a loving influence in my grandkids’ lives. I hope to connect with them in ways that are unique and fun and that will influence them now and for eternity.

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