Have you ever considered raising your children as an act of worship to the Lord?

Author Gary Thomas calls that approach “sacred parenting.” It elevates parenting to something beyond raising children who do their homework, brush their teeth, and do their chores without being told.

Practical growth points like those are important, but they can also distract us from the bigger reasons God gave us children to raise, and from what He wants to accomplish in and through our families.

Sacred parenting inspires us to engage in our kids’ lives whether or not we feel fulfilled, proud, or happy in the moment. While we often put our focus on molding and shaping our children, God wants to mold and shape us first. By observing us, kids learn how to seek forgiveness, how to see God in everyday life, and how to live as committed Christians who love and sacrifice for the benefit of others.

Drawing children into the faith isn’t about saying or doing the right things, but about being the right things.

Gary Thomas is with us on our Focus on the