What qualities define masculinity?

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the first man to successfully fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. His accomplishment took grit and toughness. Which is why Pastor Mark Batterson uses Lindbergh as an example for the kind of qualities a man needs to be successful as a husband, a father, a worker, and a follower of Christ.

Lindbergh’s historic flight aboard The Spirit of St. Louis took 33 hours, 30, and 30 seconds.Lindbergh was awake for nearly 55 hours. His flight from New York to Paris required him to dodge storm clouds at 10,000 feet and skim over wave tops as low as 10 feet, continually altering his altitude to keep ice from building on his wings. He also had to fly blind through thick fog for several hours.

Men need grit and toughness. They also need qualities like passion, vision, and moral courage. Mark believes that being a man is defined by exhibiting seven virtue. With every virtue, Mark uses an example from history to make a point:

  • Charles Lindbergh (Tough love)
  • Teddy Roosevelt (Childlike wonder)
  • Louis Zamperini (Willpower)
  • John Muir (Raw passion)
  • John Wesley Powell (True grit)
  • Andrew Jackson (Clear vision)
  • Jesus Christ (Moral courage)

Mark Batterson is with us on our Focus on the