I’ve seen government overreach and oppression firsthand. I was in Moscow in August of 1991 when President Mikhail Gorbachev was placed under house arrest. It was a failed coup attempt orchestrated by hardline communists who opposed his ideas for reform. Russian citizens were told that Gorbachev was ill. In reality, he was being held hostage.

I’ve been in other countries who closely monitored the Christian church and limited their freedoms. These governments only tolerated so much before cracking down and silencing any expression of faith.

Although most Americans don’t want to admit that the same oppression could happen here, it’s already emerging within the government, universities, the media, big business, the entertainment and sports industries, the judicial system, the medical establishment, and the U.S. military. A movement is underway to stamp out the influence of people of faith.

As long as you keep your faith private and don’t rock the cultural boat, you’ll be ignored.  Otherwise, watch out. Case in point: Twitter and Facebook routinely de-platform users who violate their standards for “hateful content.” Our own Daily Citizen was locked out of Twitter when they referenced the biological gender of Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender woman (biological male) who serves as Assistant Secretary for Health.

Also, consider this: Big business’ primary sales and marketing strategy is to amass mountains of personal data. At the same time, they are becoming politicized along social justice lines. Can powerful corporations be trusted not to use the information they harvest to manipulate the public into embracing certain ideologies?

Rod Dreher, our guest on our Focus on the