Over the course of a calendar year, nature experiences seasons. From winter to spring to summer and fall, each season presents nature with both challenges and opportunities for growth.

And so it is with marriage.

When winter sets in, a couple’s relationship becomes cold. They don’t communicate well. They argue. They disconnect. But if they endure, winter will give way to spring.

Spring is an exciting time. The couple is forward-thinking, has great plans for the future, and anticipate a happy relationship together.

Fall is when couples come face to face with their spouse’s faults and quirks. It’s a time for vulnerability, learning to handle conflict, and improving communication.

Summer is the season of happiness. Their relationship feels warm and comfortable. They communicate, they have grace for one another, they resolve conflicts, and they grow spiritually together.

When the weather outside changes for the worst, there isn’t much you can do except wait for things to change. But when you feel stuck in an icy place in your marriage, you can warm things up and move your relationship into a warmer, healthier season.

We’ll share how on our Focus on the