Data about the culture’s view of Christianity isn’t encouraging.

  • In 1996, 85% of Americans who had no religious commitment viewed Christianity favorably (Source: 2007 George Barna study).
  • In 2019, nearly half (47%) of non-Christians had some level of negative feeling toward Christians (Source: 2019 Barna study, The Brand of Evangelicals).

Some of that negativity is fueled by seismic cultural shifts in recent decades. Tolerance rules above all other values, which means that any religion that claims a corner on truth is suspect.

Also problematic is poor communication. Christians often have a reputation for displaying judgmental attitudes. We don’t disagree well.

How can today’s Christian community respond to a culture that’s growing increasingly post-Christian? Will we hunker down in isolation? Or will we find creative and meaningful ways to convey truth and to minister to hurting people with the Gospel?

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