feedback helps you grow

Ken Blanchard said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” I’ve learned from experience that feedback helps you grow. The people who grow often do so because they seek honest feedback from those around them.

Whether in business, ministry, or any leadership role, how do you handle feedback? In my experience, feedback isn’t always easy to hear—but it’s always necessary. Here are 4 ways I’ve grown from listening to critical feedback.

1. I pay more attention to my facial expressions.

Sometimes I look like I’m mad when I’m not—some people call that HRF, or “hostile resting face.” But it’s not my standard practice to walk around mad at people. If my face is contorted, it’s likely because I’m processing my reply to a question or thinking about a new idea. But I’ve learned from others that my face and my mind sometimes say two different things. Knowing this, I try to guard against letting my facial expression say something I’m not saying.

2. I express appreciation more often.

I haven’t always been known for showing gratitude. I may be grateful, but I might not speak up and express it. But, after receiving this feedback, I’ve made it a practice at