By age 10, Dimas Salaberrios had discovered the seedy underbelly of Queens, New York, learned how it worked, and mapped out his future.

He would become the “Street God.”

Dimas became a drug dealer at age 11. By his early twenties, he’d been arrested nine times. Yet, he never served time in jail thanks to parents who had connections to judges and the money to protect him with well-paid lawyers. After Dimas’ tenth arrest, he was sent to Rikers Island for a year. Instead of reforming him, however, his time in prison connected him with even more criminals.

After his release, he was more powerful than ever and achieved his dream of “Street God” status in short order. He became the largest drug dealer in New York City and made more money than he ever thought possible. He stood atop of it all. The city was his.

But success came at a heavy price. He got hooked on crack, began stealing from people, and was swept up into numerous drug wars that took the lives of 30 of his friends. People all over the city wanted him dead.

Could anything save him? Could even the God of the universe rescue someone who considered himself “god of the streets”?

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