As I’ve shared before, I’ve had to overcome adversity. My dad died an alcoholic, and my stepdad walked out on my siblings and me the day of my mother’s funeral. To be honest, although I usually end up with greater faith after encountering challenge or loss, the journey there isn’t always easy.

Daniel Ritchie has a unique perspective about what it’s like to experience a deeper connection with God through adversity. He was born without arms and struggled to breathe on his own. A few moments after he was delivered, the doctor asked his parents, “Do you want us to let him go?”

The doctor assumed that Daniel’s life wasn’t worth living if he couldn’t experience the traditional American dream. The medical community makes the same assumption when they recommend that parents abort children who receive a challenging prebirth diagnosis.

Daniel’s doctors argued that he would face a lifetime of challenges, but Daniel’s parents chose to believe that God was sovereign and that their son was a gift from God.

Over the years, Daniel’s greatest burden wasn’t his physical disability. It was feeling different. On several occasions, his