“The Supreme Court’s Office of Public Information has confirmed the authenticity of the draft of the Dobbs’ opinion leaked to media – but stressed the highly-anticipated decision is still pending. I hope and pray the strong sentiments and solid legal reasoning expressed in the document will soon be final.

“Returning this issue to the states is an important first step in the effort to relegate the barbarism of abortion to the dust heap of history. Championing the dignity and respect of all life is not radical – it’s the mark and measure of a civilized culture. There is a direct correlation between the legalization of abortion and the coarsening of our culture. Affirming life will provide moms and dads with an opportunity to emphasize what is good, noble and right. There is nothing more beautiful than a baby. There is nothing more charming than the innocence of a child. Why deprive the world of their goodness, especially with so many families eager and willing to adopt? 

“Curiously, the majority of the rhetoric surrounding abortion centers on a woman’s right to choose and little to nothing on a baby’s right to live. As we have for the past half-century, we must continue serving the needs of mothers while protecting and giving voice to the innocent and defenseless children whose lives hang in the balance. The long overdue reversal of Roe will also reinforce and put on notice fathers, who bear significant responsibility when it comes to pregnancy and the parenting of a child. 

“I am praying that a majority of the justices will, indeed, overturn Roe – and in doing so, help restore a state’s right to protect a pre-born child’s right to life.”

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