Whether you’re struggling to find your footing in the midst of COVID’s drawn-out uncertainty, navigating ongoing personal issues, or in need of nonjudgmental feedback, help is never far away.

Since 2015, Anne-Marie Miglionico and the Tranquil Waters Counseling team have been providing that sympathetic support and gentle guidance to Central Florida’s residents when they need mental-health help the most. 

“People present as if they are OK—and then you find out that, deep down, they’re really not,” she notes. 

Miglionico has always been drawn to helping others but watching someone close to her struggle with their own mental health nudged her toward becoming a licensed clinical social worker so she could be there for those who put on a brave face, hiding their inner battles from their nearest and dearest. 

She has since accrued nearly two decades of experience in the field: Before establishing Tranquil Waters, she worked in a group home for those who are mentally unwell as an undergrad; while working toward her master’s degree from the University of Central Florida’s social work program, she was employed at the Department of Children and