It’s easy to get numbed by numbers, especially when it comes to bad news. We hear so many, and all day long.  

But it’s different when the numbers have names, isn’t it? 

In their photographs, they’re smiling back at us – images caught from earlier days – cheerleading, basketball games, first communion, a party in the backyard. Kids being kids. 

The heartbreak of their parents, loved ones and friends is unfathomable. Depthless. There are the teachers, Eva and Irma. And then the nineteen children: Xavier, Uziyah, Alexandria, Jose, Tess, Amerie, Jayce, Jailah, Miranda, Annabell, Jackie, Ellie, Althia, Rojelio, Makenna, Nevaeh, Maite, Eliahana and Layla. 

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