As we eagerly await the Supreme Court’s decision in the Mississippi 15-week heartbeat case, activists around the country have been working feverishly with liberal state legislatures to enshrine unfettered access to abortion rights in their states.

I believe it’s a harbinger of the fight to come – and compared to what we’ve seen the last half-century, it’ll be a battle unlike any in the last fifty years.

Activists in my own state of Colorado have just pulled off a devastating legislative victory by passing the most radical abortion bill in the country. The new law allows for abortion at any point of a pregnancy – right up to delivery. No questions asked. The draconian legislation even went so far as to strip pre-born babies of any and all human rights. Colorado’s legislation puts our state’s disregard for preborn life on par with North Korea and China. 

It’s wicked. It’s evil. And it’s now law in the Rocky Mountain state.

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