Lucille Williams was washing vomit out of her clothes when a thought occurred to her: “This is marriage.”

She was on the last night of her honeymoon cruise with her husband, Mike, and they were enjoying a final dinner with new friends they’d made that week. Suddenly, an unexpected bout of sea sickness hit Mike, and he began vomiting uncontrollably. Their dinner guests scrambled out of the way, but it was too late for Lucille, who ended up with Mike’s disgusting mess splashed all over her.

Later, as she scrubbed her clothes in the tiny cabin sink, she thought, “This is marriage. Your spouse’s bad stuff gets all over you, and your bad stuff gets all over them.”

That may sound like a discouraging message, but once you get past the vivid imagery, there’s wisdom to be found – namely, the more we-focused we become, the healthier our marriage will be.

Marriage is never about me. It’s about us.

If we sacrifice for each other and live with we in mind, we’ll discover something else that Lucille has learned over thirty-plus years of marriage to Mark: Spouses splash a lot of good stuff on each other as well – things like love, compassion, grace, and forgiveness.

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