There’s no denying the bond of siblings. A sibling can become your best friend, your playmate, and someone you can always depend on. But there will also be times in their lives where they will face sibling jealousy. Those feeling of jealousy can crop up for any number of reasons: one of them got a toy and the other one didn’t; one was invited to a birthday party and the other wasn’t; a new sibling joins the family and attracts a lot of attention. Jealousy can be expressed in different ways, but it’s something completely normal. So how can we help our kids with these valid emotions? Here’s the rundown on what to do and how to handle it.

sibling jealousy

When your kids are little it’s adorable watching them start to play together. You see them care for each other and may think for a second that this is how things will stay, but there will inevitably be moments when they disagree. It may be over who gets to play with a toy, who gets the last gummy, who gets a certain seat in the car, or even over the new