When star war’s first episode, “Phantom Menace,” came out, people started dreaming about the distant future that lay light years ahead. This was also the part where Emperor Palpatine was introduced. While spaceships and excellent techs might have had their attraction, nothing could beat good ol’ sword fighting. Swords are the new hope of every fantasy.


However, unlike old-fashioned metal swords, Star Wars came up with its version. That was how lightsabers came into being. It was a lightsaber that both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader used to fight. Everyone aside from Han Solo and Boba Fett used these weapons. They instead used electrons blaster or plasma beam guns to a blast door. This is because they have set before the force awakens.


The lightsaber, as the name suggests, is made of light. It has the same properties and temperature as light. In a nutshell, carrying a lightsaber is like taking a searing-hot, pointed star.