Coach Joe Kennedy’s victory at the Supreme Court today is a win for religious freedom. The fact that a majority of the justices upheld the right of a high school coach to kneel down after a game to give thanks for keeping his players safe strikes me as not just a victory for the First Amendment, but a victory for common sense.

Why is it that our kids can be exposed to all kinds of negative role models in schools today, but not a positive one like Coach Joe? Ever since the Supreme Court struck down government-sponsored prayers in schools 60 years ago, the pendulum has swung dramatically in the other direction, to the point that a quiet prayer on a 50-yard line after a game can be considered by some to violate the Constitution. That’s ridiculous!

And praise God the justices saw it as well.

We’ve had Coach Joe on our daily broadcast, and he’s a man of integrity and faith who simply wants to live his life to benefit the young men he coaches. And not just by teaching them how to block and tackle, but by showing them how a real man, saved by the grace of God, should live.

I benefited from knowing such a coach in my own life, at a time when I needed a positive role model to learn from. I experienced firsthand what players and students everywhere understand, that coaches and educators serve our kids, not just by the words they speak, but by the example of their lives. The country needs men and women like Coach Joe in every community, on every athletic field, and in every classroom.

Hopefully, because of this court decision, our freedom to pray has become freer than before. Our communities, and our kids, will be better for it.

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