Americans have been watching and listening with interest to the ongoing confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. A federal appeals court judge and the first black woman to be nominated to the High Court, President Biden’s pick to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer possesses a highly decorated résumé. 

But an academically and professionally accomplished biography doesn’t necessarily equate to suitability for the Supreme Court of the United States.

During the past three days of spirited questioning from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Jackson has confirmed suspicions that she subscribes to an expansive and progressive view of the Constitution. In other words, she believes it’s acceptable to make the law say whatever you want the law to say. She has made clear she supports unfettered access to abortion, referring to Roe as “settled law.” She refused to say when she believes life begins. Previously, Judge Jackson co-wrote an amicus brief on behalf of an abortion-rights group and ruled against a teen pregnancy prevention group. Finally, she even told Senator Blackburn she was unable to define what a “woman” was – because she wasn’t a biologist.

The tragedy of Judge Jackson’s historic nomination is that as the first black woman justice, she would be in a position to help stop the ongoing and devastating attack on black pre-born babies (who are killed at a disproportionate rate) but has made clear she has no intent nor conviction to do so. 

A lifetime appointment to the United States Supreme Court is one of our nation’s most prestigious assignments. But no person who denies the basic legal rights of innocent individuals deserves to hold such an important position. I urge the Senate to vote “no” on Judge Brown Jackson’s nomination. 

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