Author Brad Rhoads never anticipated having trouble in his marriage. He and his wife, Marilyn, were so confident in their relationship that they were married within ten months of their first date and left a two-day marriage conference after just 30 minutes because they didn’t believe they needed guidance.

Their marriage faced trouble right away.

Brad blamed Marilyn. And Marilyn blamed Brad. She considered him a workaholic who devoted so much of himself to his law practice that he had nothing left to offer their marriage. And he believed that she nagged him about his faults. His clients and colleagues all considered him attentive and engaged, so naturally Marilyn was the one with the problem.

Their future together was in jeopardy.

Everything changed when, at his uncle’s urging, Brad attended a men’s conference. While there, he was convicted about how unfairly he’d been treating Marilyn. He went home committed to transforming his marriage.

Brad and Marilyn now teach couples how to keep their eyes focused on the Lord and on each other. They advise husbands and wives to pursue three goals:

  • Consistent check-ups – On a routine basis, couples should leave behind the “work” of marriage (such as children and schedules) to focus on their relationship.
  • Structure – Find practical resources to improve your marriage (such as books, marriage conferences, counseling, etc.). Evaluate your improvements at each check-up.
  • Keeping it in perspective – Always remember the big picture or “why” of your marriage.

If you’re feeling complacent about your marriage, join me on our Focus on the