Married couples are designed for intimacy. Yet, like Adam and Eve in the garden, they often hide from God and each other.

Some couples pretend their relationship is healthier than it is because it feels safer than risking exposure and shame. Hiding feels safer in the moment.

But long-term, it has the opposite effect. Instead of feeling more loved, we feel more lost. Instead of feeling more accepted, we feel more alone.

What’s a good way for couples to break out of isolation and connect with each other? Prayer. Specifically, praying together.

German pastor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer once called praying together the heartbeat of the Christian community. It’s true for marriage, too.

Prayer opens the door for grace and truth in a relationship. And the more grace and truth a couple has the better equipped they’ll be to deal compassionately yet honestly with each other’s limitations. Where there is honesty there is the potential for healing and solutions.

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