Have your children turned against you? Do they resist spending time with you? Have they joined with your ex in treating you with contempt? If so, they may be suffering from parental alienation.

In this article I provide an overview and summary of parental alienation to help separated and divorced parents, grandparents, and others affected by this problem to identify, prevent, and heal psychologically damaging fractured relationships.

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Summary: Parental alienation

This article covers the following issues.

A. What is parental alienation?

B. Parental alienation behaviors: Making children allies in a battle between parents

C. How to identify a child who suffers from parental alienation

  • Child resists a relationship with the other parent
  • Loss of a prior positive relationship with the rejected parent
  • The absence of abuse, neglect, or seriously deficient parenting
  • Behaviors by the alienating parent and allies
  • Denigrating attitudes and behavior toward a parent
  • Prevention of parental alienation and early intervention

D. Prevention of parental alienation and early intervention

E. Ten common mistakes for targeted parents to avoid

F. How