Kay Wyma is a popular author, blogger, and mother to five children. One of her friends is a human resources director who told her about a phone interview she had with a young man who had just graduated from college. Their conversation was going well until she heard the voice of the boy’s father. He was listening in and advising his son how to answer questions. Kay’s friend immediately rescinded her offer and informed the father that his twenty-something-year-old son ought to be capable of interviewing for jobs on his own.

I’m sure all of us would say, “I would never act as that parent did.” But let’s back up for a moment.

Some parents prepare the path of life for their children while others prepare their children for the path of life.

The best way to love children isn’t always to do things for them. Sometimes it’s to equip them to do things for themselves. One of the best ways to instill that responsibility into your children is through chores in the home. Even if you’ve tried household responsibilities before to no success, we’ve got some practical tips on our Focus on the