For the first time since the days of World War II, we awake to news of one European state attacking the other. The far-reaching consequences of such aggression are sobering. We must pray for peace, and for the protection and safety of the many innocent people caught in the crosshairs of Vladimir Putin’s unlawful and unprovoked attacks on the sovereign country of Ukraine.  

Thirty years ago, I had the privilege of traveling to eastern Europe as freedom came to the former Soviet Union. I was even present during an attempted coup directed at Mikhail Gorbachev. The politics and the power struggles may be layered and complicated, but the hearts and minds of the vast majority of those living in those areas bend towards freedom. I have seen firsthand and spoken with many Russians who despised the totalitarianism and wickedness of their country’s leadership. They have a hunger for truth and a contagious receptivity to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

History tells us aggressors are never satisfied, always wanting more. The madness of fallen men never ends well, either.  So, let us pray for peace and justice – and resolve for those with the responsibility of protecting Ukraine. 

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