It goes without saying that the Supreme Court’s dramatic reversal of Roe last week catapults this year’s slate of cases into the historic tier of terms. No issue is more fundamental than life.

But with most of the attention centered on Dobbs and Roe, it’s easy to overlook some other significant and consequential cases that the High Court addressed concerning religious freedom.

When the Supreme Court affirmed Coach Kennedy’s right to pray silently on the 50-yard line, they actually empowered and encouraged all praying Americans. That’s because for the last 60 years, beginning with banning voluntary prayer in schools, the Christian faithful in this country have been discouraged from publicly expressing their deeply held convictions. 

Let’s be clear: Court rulings have had a chilling effect on Christians. Not wanting to offend or do anything illegal, many have simply demurred and deferred when it comes to public prayer. Six justices suggested those concerns were unfounded.

For the good of the record, beginning with the Dobbs’ case, let’s review and summarize some highlights of this past term – and what to look forward to in the next: