Someone once said, “The hardest thing that I’ve ever heard was that my child died. The hardest thing that I’ve ever done is live every day since.”

Levi and Jennie Lusko are the founders and lead pastors of Fresh Life Church, a multi-site ministry located in Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Utah. In December of 2012, five days before Christmas, they were enjoying a weekly date-night while a relative watched their children. When the Luskos arrived to pick up their children, five-year-old Lenya was having a severe asthma attack. Her inhaler proved ineffective, and in moments, she stopped breathing and her heart stopped.

Levi immediately began CPR while Jennie called 911. Paramedics raced Lenya to the hospital. Despite the Luskos’ desperate prayers, Lenya’s heart never restarted, and she died in Levi’s arms.

Reconciling God’s love when you lose a loved one can be difficult. God is love, but we misunderstand our relationship with Him when we expect our lives to be free of suffering. The Lord’s peace isn’t found in predictable comfort, but in a deepening relationship with Christ, a journey that often descends into dark valleys of loss and sorrow.

Levi and Jennie Lusko are with us on our Focus on the