When a new mother goes home there are 45 things racing through your mind on the way back from the hospital. While the nurses showed you about pumping, the level of detail may not be where it sunk in long term. Now you are panicked and are looking for what to do next. Will insurance cover it? Are there better options that what the hospital gave me? All these are valid questions that will be answered in this review.

Comparing the Spectra 9 vs the Medela Free Style

While many mothers don’t need to use a breast pump, this device can be an excellent investment for some others that must use one or just prefer to due to their work or life schedule in general. When I first went back to work and my initial pump failed it ruined my entire day. I had to rush out and get a new one so I could continue pumping. It gets painful if you cannot get your milk out!

For example, some mothers tend to have flat nipples, which are harder for babies to latch onto. So a breast pump can help pull out those nipples very quickly. Besides, a breast pump can also reduce the swelling that occurs in the breasts of a mother. 

There are various types of pumps available on the market. But, the Medela Freestyle and Spectra products are the most popular ones. 

So, here we bring you a comparison guide on Spectra 9 vs. Medela Freestyle pumps. Each has it’s pros and cons and we want to help you make an informed decision.

Here’s what you need to know,

Spectra 9 vs. Medela Freestyle Flex – Differences and Similarities

When it comes to portable breast pumps, two of the most popular brands are Spectra and Medela. Both have a variety of models to choose from, but this segment will specifically talk about the Spectra 9 and the Medela Freestyle Flex’s differences and similarities. 

Key Differences

There are only a few key differences between these two devices. They include:

  • Size: The Spectra 9 electric breast pump is smaller than the Medela Freestyle Flex. 
  • Display: The Medela Freestyle Flex has a backlit display configuration, whereas the Spectra 9 only features an LCD.
  • Battery Life: Their battery life is slightly different as well. The Spectra 9 can last longer in this case. While the Spectra 9 can run for three hours, the Medela Freestyle can last only up to two.
  • Weight: As these two devices are different in size, they also have different weights. The Spectra 9 is 226g, whereas the Medela is 300g in weight. 

Main Similarities

And for the similarities, they are similar in the following areas: 

  • Portable: Both of these devices are portable. That means they are safe for travel and use under any circumstances. 
  • Single and Double Pumping: The Spectra 9 and the Medela Freestyle feature a single and double pumping system to make the milk suction easier. 
  • Suction Strength: They both have 250mmHg suction strength, which is pretty useful. 
  • Hospital Grade: None of these devices is hospital grade. 
  • Battery: They come with a Li-ion rechargeable battery, so you can quickly charge them using an adapter. 
  • Closed System: Like the Medela Freestyle breast pump, the Spectra 9 also features a closed system as well as a backflow protector that blocks