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Add another tough decision to a new mother’s plate why don’t ya! All these different makes and model numbers is enough to give a person a headache. We are hear to help though.

Spectra breast pumps have been well-liked for a long time because of their excellent features and functions. But given the variety of models available, it might be challenging for mothers to choose the one that suits them best.

As a result, in this post, we will provide you with a comparison guide for two of the most popular Spectra products: the Spectra S2 and S9 models. These Spectra variations are so well-functioning that many people struggle to decide which one to take.

So let’s look at a detailed comparison of the Spectra S2 vs. S9 electric breast pumps. 

Spectra S2 vs. S9 Differences

Every product has specific unique characteristics.

Therefore, the differences between the Spectra S9 and S2 are listed below.


One of the essential parts of an electric pump is its battery life. After all, no one wants to be stuck in the middle of a pumping session with a dead battery! So how do the Spectra S2 and Spectra S9 stack up in this department?

The good news is that the Spectra S9 has a rechargeable battery pack. That means you can easily use this device anywhere without needing any designated power station to plug it in. 

On the contrary, the Spectra S2 doesn’t come with batteries. So you must always plug it in to use it. Another alternative would be to carry a power bank with you all the time so that you can connect it with your S2 through a power cord and use it when needed. 

So when it comes to Spectra S2 vs. S9 battery comparison. I think the S9 here wins the game. On an added note, the Spectra S9’s battery can last up to 2.5 hours, with a battery charging time of around three to four hours. Plus, you may also use the pump plugging in your car seat’s charging point. 

Saved Functions

There are numerous operational functions in both the Spectra S2 and S9 models.

But here’s the thing: Unlike the S2 model, which allows you to save a personalized function setting, the Spectra S9 does not let you do so.

It means that when using the Spectra S9 with your customized functional setting, you will need to note it down. Otherwise, you will have to customize the functions from scratch the next time you use the device.

This is one major difference between the Spectra S9 and Spectra S2 pumps. 


The Spectra S9’s motor capabilities fall short of those of the Spectra S2 model. Compared to the S9 model, which has a 260mmHg suction level, the S2 model has a 270mmHg suction level.

These devices also have various vacuum suction systems. The S2 model’s vacuum suction level can be changed to a maximum of L12, but the S9 can only reach as high as L10.


The Spectra S9 feels significantly lighter than the Spectra S2 in weight. The S9 has a small and lightweight build, weighing only .5 lbs. In contrast, the Spectra S2 feels substantially larger in the hands and weighs around 3 lbs.


A key selling feature for the Spectra S9 Plus is its design. It is manageable since it features a streamlined, slim, and more modern-looking appearance.

The Spectra S2 Plus, on the other hand, has a distinctive white and pink design with a spherical body that some people could find more difficult to hold and carry without a bag.


The Spectra S2 features a built-in nightlight system, but the S9 model only has a backlit display that makes it easier to see in low light conditions rather than in the dark. 

Having a nightlight in an electric breast pump is a very convenient function. It helps you check on your