My daughter LOVES holidays. I don’t think the term “love” is even adequate for describing how obsessed she is. Can you really blame her though? Holidays are filled with fun traditions, games, family time, and more often than not, candy, and gifts. If you look back on your own childhood, I think it’s safe to assume that some of your BEST moments are when you and your family were celebrating a holiday together. This is especially true for me. I have fond memories of huge Easter egg hunts at our local park, massive fireworks shows in July, and spooky costumes and candy for Halloween. However, one holiday always got overlooked in our home–we never did anything for St. Patrick’s Day! Although this never really bothered me at the time, I do remember all the fun traditions my friends had with their families. Now that I have my own daughter that is obsessed with everything celebratory, I’ve decided it’s about time to start some new traditions in our home! If you’re like me and need some ideas, here are some of my favorite craft and snack ideas that kids are sure to love this St. Patrick’s Day!

Crafts & Activities

Treasure hunt

There is NOTHING better than a treasure hunt as a little kid! This is one of our favorite activities to do with our kids for birthdays, Easter, or other holidays. Create “clue cards” with drawings or riddles indicating different areas in your home. Mix up the cards and put them in a stack. Set aside the first card. This will be your child’s first clue. Place the next card in the area of your home that is written on the first card. Continue placing the rest of the cards throughout your home in this same way. (Here are some amazing example cards if you’d rather not make your own.) At the end of the treasure hunt, place a pot of gold! I love candy, so our “gold” treasure would be a combination of Rolos, Hershey’s Nuggets, and gold chocolate coins.

Pot of Gold Treasure Hunt St Patrick's Day
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“Guess the Number” Jar

You can’t have St. Patrick’s Day without “luck.” If you have more than one child, create a fun little guessing jar filled with your favorite candy! Have each person guess how many items are in the jar! The winner then gets to pick out a movie to watch or a game to play together as a family! 

Leprechaun Traps

Have fun “catching” leprechauns together. Give your kids a bag of leprechaun bait. I like to use colorful treats like skittles, fruit loops, colorful licorice, etc. Using random items you can find in your house such as cardstock, paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, and milk cartons, help your kiddos build their own little trap and fill it with the bait.  

Leprechaun trap st patricks day

Coloring Pages

My daughter LOVES drawing and coloring! Pull out your computer and google St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages and let your kiddos choose their favorites! Print them out and pull out the