Camping is a very popular summertime activity! And for good reason! There is something so tranquil about enjoying some time away from the hustle and bustle of the real world, breathing the fresh air, and relaxing in nature. If you have young kids, however, camping can fill you with anxiety and stress–the opposite of why you’re on vacation in the first place. But avoiding camping just because you’re stressed about how to do so with young kids would be a mistake! By following some simple tips and safety guidelines, camping can provide kids with an excellent opportunity to learn and explore while you enjoy some peaceful and fun family time this summer!

Camping with Kids Safety Guide

1. Set boundaries:

Some kids think boundaries prevent them from having fun. But boundaries are essential when camping with kids. Once you set up your campsite, discuss as a family what you think a safe boundary would be. Discussing the boundary together can help kids feel involved instead of “bossed around,” which makes it much more likely that they will stay inside the boundary.

One way to create a boundary is using your camp gear as a guideline. For example, no going past the back edge of the tents on the north end of you campsite or past the fire pit on the opposite end.

2. Assign someone to watch small kids: 

Young kids don’t quite understand how to follow rules and stay within boundaries. That’s why it’s so important to make sure someone is watching your kids at all times. If camping with extended family, remind the other adults that if they have your children, they need to let you know. Be very clear when asking someone to keep an eye on your kids if you need to cook or use the bathroom so that they know they are responsible while you are gone.

3. Use sunscreen and hydrate often: 

On hot summer afternoons, kids can get sunburns and overheat quickly. Make sure to keep your kiddos hydrated, reapply sunscreen often, and stay in shade to help