This past Monday, my daughter started swimming lessons at our local rec center. I’ve always been BIG into safety, and pool safety is no exception for me. As a child, my mom always made it a priority for us to learn how to swim well. Knowing lifesaving swimming techniques has been beneficial throughout my life, and is something I will prioritize with my own kids as well. Now that summer is here, knowing how to keep your kiddos safe in the water is essential since they will likely spend many hours at the pool. Whether you have a home pool or frequent your local community pool, here are some tips to help avoid any tragedies!

Know the Facts!

It may seem crazy, but one of the first ways to keep everyone safe this summer is to know what can cause injury or death when enjoying pool time. One of the most obvious worries when visiting the pool is drowning. In fact, “drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death behind motor vehicle crashes for children ages 1–14” (CDC). Knowing these stats reminds us that it can happen to anyone, and it can happen to you. 

So what makes drowning such a frequent cause of death in children when it is 100% preventable? Although there are many things that can contribute, some of the main reasons for drowning include: not knowing how to swim, limited adult supervision, a pool that hasn’t been properly secured, and improper lifejacket use.

It’s also important to be educated on what it looks like when someone is drowning. Small children can drown in a matter of seconds and can do so silently. So if you’re looking for flailing arms, you’re going to miss it when it does happen. 

Fatal Drowning Prevention

1. Proper Attire

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