Growing up in Idaho, I got very used to the harsh winds and freezing temperatures that came with the winter months. Winter always seemed to last forever, and I often longed for the nice temperatures to return so I could open a window to let in the cool fresh air and smell the flowers blooming. Now that I live in Nevada, the temperatures are already beginning to rise, bringing all the fun that comes with it! Little Unicorn outdoor blankets are perfect for all those upcoming outside activities!

As a little girl, springtime meant my brother’s outdoor soccer games. Now that I’m a mom, we love to get outside the first chance we get for a nice picnic in the park. No matter what plans you have for spring and summer, a nice outdoor blanket is a must. Before finding Little Unicorn, our family would always take a massive, thick quilt to lay out on the grass to keep our bottoms dry. However, the quilt would OFTEN get wet or spilled on, and grass would cling to it, filling our car with enough yard clippings to fill ten Easter baskets. It was a pain to wash in the washing machine because it was just too big and took forever to dry. A few years ago I found out about Little Unicorn’s outdoor blankets. After one use, we were hooked.