In all seriousness, pregnant women deserve everything, like literally everything. Am I pregnant right now? Yes, and I can confirm that I deserve the world right now. (I mean I think I deserve it all anyways, but especially being pregnant.) 

You may be asking why, and if that is the case, you are what is wrong with society. Why? Because our hormones are raging in all directions at all times, our nipples start to leak months before anything needs to leak out of them, crusting all of our clothes, nothing fits us anymore, everything swells, everything hurts, we can’t put on or take off our own boots, we can’t ski (which might be the only bearable thing about winter), we can’t eat many many things, we throw up and feel nauseous 24/7, then there is the heartburn, our joints hate us, and at the end of it all we get ripped open either vaginally or with a scalpel… so yeah, we deserve everything. (Can you tell I needed to vent just a little bit?)

I narrowed down the list of “everythings” to these five things, because I do realize that although I deserve a constellation named after me, that is highly unlikely. 


We deserve the treats. What treats? Any and all of the treats. Any treat our heart and tummy desires at any time of day. Does my body also deserve healthy greens and such? Of course it does, but if I need a chocolate crinkle cookie, I will get that chocolate crinkle cookie. In fact my local cookie store had a special candy cane chocolate crinkle cookie for the month of December ,and I did get one every day. I got two on Saturdays because the store is closed on Sundays and I knew I would need it on Sunday as well. It has been a month and a half since their limited edition candy cane chocolate crinkle cookie was discontinued for the season, and I have felt its absence. Maybe I should send them this blog and they will make it special for me because I’m pregnant and I deserve it. So there is mine… what has been your go to treat?

Warm Bubble Baths

We deserve scalding hot bubble baths, but those will have to wait. For now we deserve uninterrupted warm bubble baths. Luxurious bubble baths with luxurious smells and ambient candles. Maybe we read a book during this time. Maybe we have our phone playing our favorite podcast or show. Meditate? Why not? Cry? Totally acceptable. 

Supportive Partners

This should really be number one. We all deserve supportive and loving partners. If your partner comments on your weight gain, refuses to get your specific craving, won’t rub your feet, or glances at you the wrong way, don’t allow it. Stop them dead in their tracks and tell them what is up. If you are navigating your pregnancy on your own because your partner was not supportive, I salute you. Truly I do. You are brave and strong and know what you deserve. Your