After nearly seven years of being sidelined for his faith, Coach Joe Kennedy finally had his day at the Supreme Court today.

Formerly of Bremerton High School in Washington, Kennedy refused a school district order to stop praying on the 50-yard-line of the team’s field after games.

In his eight years at the school, Kennedy mentored hundreds of football players – young men who considered him a good man to emulate. For the coach, his role on the sidelines wasn’t just a job – but a calling from God. He felt the Lord had placed him there for more reasons than football. To this day, his players (now grown men) routinely laud him and express their appreciation for the influence he had on their lives.

That a man like Joe Kennedy was fired is a glaring illustration of what’s wrong with our nation’s priorities. Schools are supposed to be shaping and speaking into young lives – not harassing good men and women committed to that very mission.

I feel a special kinship to Joe Kennedy, because he reminds me of a man just like him who shaped my own life in a profound way. 

I first met my high school football coach, Paul Moro, as an orphaned sophomore who had experienced many tragedies in my short life: my dad walking out on the