why do people get divorced

We live in a world where you can get divorced for almost any reason. For couples who are struggling, marriage may seem hopeless amid constant arguing and brokenness.

However, you can have a better marriage—maybe one stronger than you’ve seen to date. But it will take work. It takes considering the seemingly small things that ultimately can lead to divorce. Here are 4 things couples do that lead to short marriages.

1. They expect to think exactly like each other.

Why is it that we’re fine when we find out we disagree with a friend but at home, we think we’re supposed to agree on everything? The truth is, you’re two different people, so you will have differing opinions. Healthy marriages don’t have an absence of conflict but they do have the presence of love and peace. Resist the expectation that you will always agree on everything.

2. The relationship isn’t as high a priority as it should be.

Early in marriage, your relationship is the priority. Over time, other priorities start to creep in.